Why So Many People Need Teeth Whitening and How it Works

Posted on: April 30, 2015

Teeth WhiteningThe need for teeth whitening has never been greater than it is in the modern world. While many people talk about how much desire there is for teeth whitening, it is also important to consider why the world has demanded teeth whitening in such large volumes. There is a definite element of understanding, where people have realized more than ever before, that they benefit from whiter teeth. However, this understanding is not a new thing, which is why teeth whitening has been around for centuries in one form or another. The difference today is the massive access to teeth whitening, spurred on by a multi-billion dollar industry that makes it convenient for you to whiten your teeth at home or in our clinic.

One possible explanation for the explosion in demand for, and subsequent access to, teeth whitening solutions is our access to a number of other products that can cause discoloration and staining of the teeth. Products like coffee, red wine, tea, energy drinks, and cola products are also being consumed at rates greater than ever before. Each of these products are responsible for slowly staining or removing the brilliant whiteness of teeth. Coffee alone is imported into the United States to the tune of $4 billion dollars.  Clearly, as more teeth become stained, the need to whiten them grows.

How teeth whitening works –

When you use teeth whitening solutions, either over the counter or with us in the clinic, you are engaging in a chemical modification process. What this means is that the peroxide solution being placed on your teeth is designed to make the smallest chemical change to the natural organic makeup of your enamel. The peroxide is quickly absorbed by the enamel and goes to work releasing free radicals which make the tooth more colorless, and hence whiter.

This is important to know for several reasons. First, you should always be aware of what is happening when you are engaging in any process that involves your body, especially when you are using chemicals at home to make changes. Second, the most common mistake that many people make with teeth whitening is to overly whiten their teeth and use the product too frequently. The truth is that after some time, absent great care, you are going to start to lose some of the whiteness. This does not mean you should immediately start whitening again, much to the contrary. Constant whitening can actually harm your teeth and leave you with a lot of discomfort. Finally, because of the nature of teeth whitening, we strongly advise that you seek out the care of a dentist prior to starting on the process if you are going to be doing it at home. At times, there can be underlying challenges with your teeth that can lead to extreme sensitivity, and can be exasperated by the whitening process. Consulting with us will allow us to catch and correct any such underlying problem before you begin.

Simultaneously, our whitening solution is stronger than what you can buy in the store so if you want dramatic and safe results – visit our dental office for your teeth whitening procedure.

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