Visit a Sedation Dentist in Mission Viejo After an Accident

Posted on: June 29, 2015

Sedation Dentist in Mission ViejoAs a sedation dentist in Mission Viejo, we understand that it is difficult, if not impossible, to prevent an accident from happening.  When it does, teeth are often the unlikely victims.  If you fall, for example, your teeth could break.  If you are in a car wreck, you could chip a tooth.  When these types of events happen, it is important to know who you can call for help.  At our dental office, we can return your teeth to excellent health, preserve your smile, and do so in a way that keeps you comfortable.

If you have any form of dental anxiety, we recommend that you visit our office.  As a sedation dentist in Mission Viejo, we understand that getting in an accident is stressful without the additional worry about how you will get better.  During this time, people with prior dental anxiety can often find it difficult to schedule an appointment for the dental care necessary to correct any damage.  If this sounds like you, be sure to add our phone number to your contacts list.

We can make your experience far more pleasant by offering you sedation.  A light sedative can be taken an hour before your appointment so that you can remain in a relaxed state the entire time.  Some people report feeling drowsy or tired afterwards, but that is it.  Meanwhile, any stress or fear that you may have regarding getting dental work done, should be eliminated.  As a sedation dentist in Mission Viejo, our goal is to provide you with the best quality of dental care while keeping you entirely relaxed.  Sedation is how we do so.

If you think that you will never be in an accident or need extensive dental care, you are not alone.  Many of our patients do an excellent job of taking care of their teeth and consider themselves to be accident-proof as a result.  We wish this were the case.  However, even the most fastidious of brushers can get into an accident and damage their teeth.  The statistics paint a clear pictures –

If you get behind the wheel, you are at risk. Every year, there are approximately 5.4 million car crashes in the United States.

Whether you go to work every day, are a homebody or a student, you are at risk for a slip and fall injury.  Around 9 million people will visit the emergency room due to slip and fall accidents every year so this is a serious problem that can lead to damaged teeth.

If you have kids that play sports, or you play them yourself, protecting their teeth is important. Over 5 million kids are injured every year while playing sports and many of these injuries could be prevented by wearing the appropriate safety gear, including a mouth guard.

Remember that if you are in an accident and damage your tooth, we are a sedation dentist in Mission Viejo that can treat your teeth and gums in a way that is entirely comfortable.

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