The Type of Care You Will Receive in Our Family Dentist Office

Posted on: May 25, 2015

Family DentistIn our family dentist office, we provide the care that you and your family need to stay healthy.  We are focused on your oral health.  We want you to stay healthy so that you can enjoy your life without restriction.  While teeth often go unnoticed, they are incredibly important for your ability to do even the most mundane of activities. Eating a steak at a summer barbecue, greeting friends with a smile, chatting on the phone, all of this is possible when you have a full set of natural and healthy teeth.  We aim to keep your teeth healthy so that you can continue to enjoy your life without interruption.

How to select a family dentist.

When it comes time to visit a new family dentist, be sure to look for one that has a philosophy of care you can agree with.  In our dental office, we believe in the importance of listening to our patients, and that is exactly what we do.  We will listen to your needs and concerns so that we can understand what you are looking for and create a customized treatment plan to give you a smile that you will deem beautiful.  It all starts with listening because when we understand what your appearance goals are along with your lifestyle, we can be sure to provide you with the solutions to achieve those goals.

The type of procedures, we perform in our family dentist office.

In our dental office, we offer a wide variety of solutions that range from preventative care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  Our preventative solutions include teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and deep cleanings for the gums.  Our restorative solutions include dental crowns to correct a chipped tooth, dental veneers to restore a tooth that has been cracked and even dental bonding.  If you have lost teeth, we can help with that as well by placing a dental bridge or dental implant where the missing tooth once was.

In many cases, the solutions we use to restore your tooth are the same ones that we can use to improve the appearance of your smile.  A dental veneer is a perfect example because a veneer can restore a tooth that has been cracked or chipped.   It is also more commonly used to create a Hollywood-style smile where the teeth are the ideal shape and a brilliant white.  Simultaneously, a dental crown can be used to protect a tooth that is sensitive and also to change the shape and size of a tooth.  Since it is made in a tooth-colored material, the applications for a dental crown are incredibly diverse, as is a dental veneer.

In our dental office, our main objective is your health and then it is your appearance.  The good news is that since our solutions look natural, we can typically address both at the same time.  We will explain these treatment options to you in detail during a consultation so that you can become part of the process and select the solution that you feel is best suited to your needs.

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