Reasons To Visit an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: November 2, 2017

Emergency DentistThere are all sorts of reasons to visit an emergency dentist. In fact, it makes sense to obtain treatment as soon as possible so you do not risk exacerbating the problem and requiring even more intense or costly treatment as time progresses. Anything from roughhousing to an auto accident can lead to a situation in which one requires the assistance of an emergency dentist. Below, we take a look at some of the most common reasons to obtain such emergency assistance.

Damage to Tooth Restoration

If a dental crown, implant or filling comes loose, possibly breaking, the teeth will be quite vulnerable. While these restorations will protect the teeth, damaging or removing them from the picture places the teeth at a greater risk. Next, the existing teeth, as well as one’s overarching oral health, will be at risk for damage from infections.

Missing or Damaged Teeth

If a person chips, breaks or losens a tooth, he or she must not shrug it off as no big deal. The person needs professional assistance from an emergency dentist right away. The quicker he or she obtains treatment, the better the odds are that the dentist will be able to preserve the tooth.

Severe Oral Pain

A toothache or throbbing gums have the potential to indicate an oral health issue such as severe tooth decay, gingivitis or an infection. If the pain lasts beyond a day or so, visit with an emergency dentist as soon as possible. While temporary dental pain may not be something serious, if the pain continues for more than a day, it can be a sign of something much worse.

Facial Swelling

Swelling can occur along the face as a result of tooth infection, trauma or an abscess. If such swelling occurs, do not hesitate to visit the emergency dentist. There is a good chance such swelling will also lead to some oral pain. In some instances, the swelling occurs due to gum disease, wisdom tooth growth and/or a deficiency of Vitamin C.

A Broken Denture

Dentures are quite fragile and can break rather easily if one fails to take proper care. If an individual drops his or her dentures, eats something that is too hard or does something else that breaks the dentures, visiting an emergency dentist can help. While The solution may end being denture repair that takes several days, an emergency dentist can provide the professional expertise on how to proceed.

Dental Injuries Caused by Sports, Eating and Other Accidents

If an individual sustains a dental injury while playing a contact sport, he or she needs to obtain assistance from an emergency dentist. A football, hockey, basketball or baseball injury requires immediate attention. However, if we determine the tooth only has a minor chip, it might prove best to wait until a regular dentist’s hours for additional treatment.

A Knocked Out Tooth

If an individual completely knocks out a tooth, then they need to try to handle it as little as possible. The individual can put it right back in the socket, bite down with moist gauze and take care to avoid swallowing the tooth.

If the tooth will not stay in the socket, rinse it off or eliminate visible dirt and store it in a container of the saliva or milk until the first available appointment.

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