Learn More About Oral Health from a Mission Viejo Dentist

Posted on: June 1, 2015

Mission Viejo DentistAt our Mission Viejo dentist office, we believe in a holistic vision of dental medicine. What this means is that we are as focused on prevention, sometimes even more so than we are on simply curing what ails you. When you come to the Mission Viejo dentist office with a specific problem, our sole focus is going to be on using our skills and expert training to cure the issue. After we have done this, quickly and effectively, we can turn our attention to giving you the tools and information you need to prevent a reoccurrence of this or some other incident. We have discovered that the happiest patients we have are the ones who do not have to come in frequently for problems, rather, they make the time to visit us twice a year for a regular examination and cleaning.

At our Mission Viejo dentist office, our patients get their information about their dental health from two places. We are intimately aware of the vast reach of the internet and the fact that most of our patients would prefer to Google something than to pick up the phone and call. We have found that the information freely available online has pros and cons. For one, we love it when customers come in with researched questions. This allows us to give you a far more detailed idea of the kind of work we do and how we can best serve your needs. An informed patient is also far more likely to work with us collaboratively making it easier to remain in the best oral health possible. On the other hand, the internet is full of information on everything from car batteries to oral surgery. This plethora of information can be confusing at times and sometimes even slightly alarming. It is important to remember that when you are searching for something medically related online, the person on the other end is not speaking to you specifically. They have no idea of your history, your treatments and have not had the opportunity to examine you. Instead, they are providing a broad overview, often with the worst case scenario in mind. For information that relates to you and you alone, the best and only person to get this from is us as your Mission Viejo dentist.

A perfect example of this is the common toothache. Did you know that, other than the common cold, the toothache is responsible for the most number of missed days from school or work around the country? It is often a symptom of something going on with your teeth, but can also be caused by something you did like grinding your teeth. The best way to deal with a toothache is with over the counter pain medication. If the pain does not go away, becomes deep or sharp, or returns after a time you will want to call us to schedule an appointment. This will ensure that there isn’t something more serious like an untreated cavity to deal with.

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