Bring Your Teen to Our Invisalign® Dentist Office

Posted on: September 2, 2015

Invisalign DentistAt our Invisalign® dentist office, we typically recommend aligners for our adult patients. This is a convenient way to straighten teeth, and we have found that many teens are interested in this treatment as well. As long as they have all their adult teeth, your teen may qualify. To find out, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and dental examination with our office. During the appointment, we can determine if this is the right solution for straightening your teen’s teeth and answer any questions you may have.

Senior year is an excellent time for your child to straighten their teeth:

As a dentist, we have found that many seniors are looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smile before heading off to college. This is an excellent idea because, as a parent, you can help them establish a good routine before leaving home. This is important for ensuring their treatment stays on schedule.

There are many benefits to working with an Invisalign® dentist now. To start, the aligners are virtually invisible, making it easy for your teen to improve their smile without the embarrassment that can come from traditional braces. As a dentist, we know how a person feels about their smile can directly impact their self-esteem. If your teen has gaps in between their teeth or teeth that are severely crooked, it can make them feel bad about themselves and decrease their confidence. It is important to correct this before they leave for college and enter the next phase of life.

The benefits of Invisalign® are numerous:

The treatment process works using the same basic principles as traditional braces. In order to move teeth into the correct position, pressure is systematically applied. Teeth respond by gradually moving toward their final position. With braces, this is done by adjusting the wires that run between the brackets secured to the teeth. With clear aligners, it is the aligners themselves that are changed in order to continue moving the teeth. The aligners are created ahead of time and placed in a specific order. They are worn for around two weeks at a time until they become loose. Once they do, the next set of aligners is worn, and the process continues on. Since the aligners are switched out at home, there are fewer appointments for your busy teen to keep up with.

Another benefit of working with an Invisalign® dentist is that your teen can straighten their teeth quickly and without their daily routine being interrupted. Aligners are created to be removed while eating and brushing. This means your teen does not need to change their eating habits or worry about food getting stuck in between their braces, a regular source of embarrassment. It also means it is easier for your teen to keep their teeth clean and that their risk of developing cavities will be greatly reduced, as will the likelihood of them developing stains on their teeth. The complete list of benefits is much longer, and we would be happy to discuss more when you visit our Invisalign® dentist office.

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